A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to Bleach Beach!

The sea is draining, and you have been assigned the task of catching the most fish possible before the water is gone. However, BotBoat Corp. is competing with you: be careful of them, as they may resort to shady tactics, or surprise them by stealing the fish on their boats.

Move with the A and D keys, use your jetpack with W, aim your cannon with the mouse and shoot your harpoon by holding the left mouse button.

The Boats

All boats feature a grappling hook, a recharging jetpack and a storage space for the caught fish.

The Fish


Fish roam the sea, waiting to be caught by someone...  
After getting on a ship, they can be stolen by hitting the fish stack with an harpoon.
Large fish are worth double!


bleach-beach-windows.zip 17 MB
Version 2 Aug 13, 2018
bleach-beach-experimental-webgl.zip 6 MB
Version 1 Aug 14, 2018

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