A downloadable game for Windows

A Rhythm-based tower defense game!

The Masks are invading your base to silence it forever! Stop them by using Beat Towers.

Press the Z, X and C keys to trigger the attack of your towers: the more your attack is on beat, the more powerful it will be!


Hat Tower

Shoots four sparkles in a cross, alternating between straight and diagonal.  
Should be triggered every half-beat, and deals medium damage, but has short range.

Kick Tower

Creates a shockwave around itself, dealing low damage in a big area.  
Should be triggered in the first and third beat of a measure for the maximum range.

Snare Tower

Shoots a sonic wave downwards, dealing high damage to a single enemy.
Should be triggered in the second and fourth beat of a measure for maximum range, damage and size.


Scroll wheel: select tower  
Left click: place selected tower  
Z: trigger attack for the Hat Tower (two times per beat)  
X: trigger attack for the Kick Tower (one time every two beats, on the downbeat)  
C: trigger attack for the Snare Tower (one time every two beats, on the upbeat) 

Install instructions

Extract all the files contained in the .7z archive, then run BeatTD.exe.


BeatTD.zip 14 MB

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